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- MEET THE OWNER - She knew the power of her mind, so she programmed it for success

Hi ladies, 

My name is Shakeara. I am from Mississippi. I am an Active Duty Military Intelligence Officer. I reside in Central Texas.


I am all about my business! I have always had an interest in fashion! (If only you all could see my closet) I love being diverse when it comes to fashion. I have always wanted own my own business. (multiple) My dad has his own business and being able to make your own hours and still do other stuff with your life is a plus! 


Owning a business is a dream come true. It is also a dream I share with many! I am blessed that I had the vision and support from my cousin (Marq). He was all for me starting a business, more than anyone else! Starting this business has opened my eyes a lot more. I am continuously doing research on how to make my brand even bigger. 


Love the fashionable swimwear! Great customer service! 


Modeled her clothing and felt like Cardi little cousin


She is very professional! I had a problem ordering something, and we were able to solve the problem!


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